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FAST Defence

Self Protection and Defence
Easy, effective concepts.

At Harper Martial Arts we are trained in a self protection system called FAST Defence, one of the easiest and most effective self protection methods in the world.

We run ad-hoc self protection courses for children and adults, and can tailor the content to make them appropriate for the age range of the group. Obviously what is relevant for 8 year old children will not be right for adults, and vice versa.

Whereas many self defence classes give ideas of what to do if an attack happens, the FAST method additionally teaches the students skills to stop them being in the situation in the first place. Awareness of the surroundings and identification of potential issues can stop someone from being in harm's way.

Children's courses centre two areas - protection against peers (bullying, attitudes and behaviours) and around protection against adults (stranger awareness and avoidance strategies). The course includes discussions, drills and role-play and is a fun but educational system of enlightening the children and parents of how to protect themselves. We try to make it as realistic as possible, and many times we find the parents getting anxious and protective, showing us that they are learning a lot from the course too.

FAST Defence

By nature the adult course is very different, and we try to give the students a range of tools to help them in situations, before an attack even happens. Situational awareness, self assertiveness, verbal diffusion techniques and, of course, how to fight off an attacker all make for an adrenaline fuelled but extremely exciting few hours.

If you would like us to come to your facility to run a course, or if you have any further questions about our self protection method, get in touch through our contact form and we will try to help you out any way we can.